Katrina Plato – Adventure Specialist’s New Book

Differently Enabled Adventures

What was your vision for your book? Best answered from my Introduction page: 

This book felt destined from the moment I agreed to travel as an “Adventure Specialist” for Carrie. I simply allowed the content to emerge. I bought a cheap hand size imitation leather book to log my observations, and purchased one for Carrie. One journal for each of us. On our first night together, we created a writing format that we followed most of the year. Every day we worked together, at least five days a week, on the road or at home, one of us suggesting a writing prompt inspired from the day’s events. We took turns, swapping days. We set a time of 15 minutes of free writing on the topic of the prompt. Then we read aloud as much of our response as we wanted, the person who didn’t offer the prompt going first. We were faithful to the process, even recording our prompts and responses into a recorder when we were on the road and writing was inconvenient. 

I began a blog to document our journeys for our friends to read, and those that we met in our travels. Gradually, the blog took shape as I wrote, and then Carrie added her reflections. While playing with the format of the blog, I was inspired to create a special section recounting  the challenges of accessibility with Carrie’s wheelchair, and physical strength. I became fascinated with the cultural response to accessibility, as well as the wide variety of creative means of transportation we discovered. This section of the blog was also easy to keep up with while traveling. I posted photos or a short video and limited myself to two paragraphs capturing the essence of my observations. It felt manageable to write, and I hoped would be ‘accessible’ for those glancing through the blog. 

As our time of travel came to a close, I saw the structure of a book had emerged. Following the format of our writing prompts, I suggested we each write a note about accessibility. Instead of responding to a question, I suggested we allow photographs to be the inspiration for our writing. 

Why should you look at this book?  Whether you have a disability or not, I hope this book inspires you to live your life to its fullest capacity. Our first week of travel Carrie posed a question that lived with me as we traveled. She wondered if  people would exclaim, “Have you heard what Carrie and Katrina are doing now!?” It would be something unusual, yet make perfect sense if you knew the two of us. I am excited to share with you, the reader, what we discovered by the end of this short book. 

Who is your target audience/reader? My hope is that this book will touch the parts of ourselves that we hold back, whether we have a disability or not. I am inspired to take more risks in my life from having traveled with a woman who uses a wheelchair, and from meeting others with disabilities on our journey that live their lives with courage. 

Are you open to mentoring students who want to work with you? YES!! I welcome opportunity to mentor and learn from students. 

Would you be interested in posting a youtube video about your book and work? Yes, with guidance. 

Offer a description of your work. I’m working on that… at https://sensuousearth.art/

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