IEATA Interviews: Sofia University

IEATA Educational Resources Committee member Martha McCaughey communicated with faculty and staff at Sofia University about their Creative Expression programs.
imagesMartha McCaughey:  What is your Program’s vision?
Sofia University: Creative expression is a powerful transpersonal and transformative vehicle for growth, healing, and wholeness.  
MM: Tell us about your educational programs.

Sofia:  At Sofia University, students can specialize in creative expression within two academic degree pathways: (a) Masters of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology and (b) Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology:

These pathways provide an educational background that supports application for the REACE or REAT credential.

Students have the option of choosing a residential, hybrid, or online master’s degree program.  Students are encouraged to use creative expression as part of their personal journey, to develop a creative exploration toolbox, and to apply it to their distinct professional callings.  Applications might include the arts, leadership, coaching, clinical practice, healthcare, education, global communication, research, or entrepreneurship.

A Certificate in Creative Expression for qualified non-degree student applicants is also offered.
We also offer a stand-alone Certificate in Creative Expression through the online master’s program, open to those with an undergraduate degree in a psychology-related field.

MM: Is any part of your programming open to the public as well as to students?

Sofia: The public is invited to attend one-day creativity offerings during the Global Master’s program seminars in the fall and spring quarters.  Workshops have included mask-making, mandala work, poetry, intention boxes, and community singing.  These workshops are set at retreat centers that offer both an indoor academic environment as well as beautiful outdoor, natural environments.  When enrolled in an online/hybrid program, students are required, as part of the online coursework, to engage with their community and to spend time outdoors.

The following video highlights alumna Elisha Sciscioli’s journey through the creativity and innovation specialization in the MATP program.
MM: What is unique about creative expression at Sofia University?

Sofia: The MATP and MACP programs at Sofia University invite passionate, dynamic learning that fosters creative exploration and multiple ways of knowing while embracing diverse paths of spiritual practice and personal development. The programs include heart-centered and earth-centered practices, and are grounded in transpersonal and spiritual psychology. We are committed to academic excellence, authenticity, inclusivity, cultural humility, ecological stewardship, and service to others.  Sofia University promotes six areas of inquiry: intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social, and creative.  We value ecological consciousness and diversity.  

Students in these programs explore creative expression experientially and theoretically in an intermodal fashion.  The academic experience is continually deepened through creative connection.  Students learn to embody the creative spirit and weave it into their personal and professional lives.  Coursework includes creative applications to specific content areas such as dreamwork and eco-spirituality, practicum experiences, creativity-centered scholarly writing, and showcase portfolios that highlight philosophy and applications of creativity.

A Sofia education invites students to explore and discover how creativity facilitates personal growth, authenticity, and imagination, while influencing professional and community well-being.

MM: Would you like to write a blog post?

Sofia: Yes, twice a year.  


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Nancy Rowe, PhD


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