Prayer Arrow & Earth Day Meditation

an EXPRESS Earth Day activity

by Dr. Roxanne Daleo, Co-Chair, Educational Resources Committee, IEATA

Age Level: Preschool to Adult

EarthDay Meditation for Kids.jpg


  1. To acquaint children to the elements of the planet Earth
  2. To use ritual in facilitating a reverence for the Earth in the heart and minds of children
  3. To illustrate the interconnectedness of all living things
  4. To make a personal prayer to heal the Earth and ourselves

Materials Needed: Pines cones, feathers, seashells, straight tree branches, various colored yarns


STEP 1. Gather in a circle round to share with the group the activity of creating a prayer arrow in honor of Earth Day.

STEP 2. In the center of the circle place a single basket of earth elem

ents or separate baskets for each of the elements

STEP 3.  Invite children to choose objects representing land, sea and sky to tie onto their prayer arrow.

STEP 4.  As the child wraps various colors of yarn around their branch. Ask them to repeat the prayer intention with each of three colors. For example, with this yarn of green “I send peace to all the animals and plants on the land.” With this yarn of white,”I send peace to all the birds that fly.” With this yarn of blue, I send protection to all the fishes and plants in the sea.”

STEP 5. Gather all the prayer arrows and children in the circle and have them stand to fully express their wishes about Earth Day.

STEP 6. Take the group to an open space in nature to “plant” their prayer arrows.

STEP 7. Regroup in a circle, using a drum beat, lead the meditation.

We all need to know we are connected to every living thing-

the soil, the water, the wind, the sun. 

We are the stewards of the EARTH. When we get in touch with 

this truth, we discover the power of nature within ourselves..

Let’s send love and appreciation to all that is-

Keep it simple, find a pine cone, feather, sea shell, flower

tie each onto a straight stick using a piece of colored yarn.   Now say:

This is the beginning of a new day, the Universe has given me this day

to  use as I will. In each moment there is power to choose. In each moment

I am exchanging a day of my life for it.

I want it to be love, not fear; goodness not meanness 

in order that I shall not regret what I have 

given. This is the beginning of a new day.

Now, place the stick in the ground as a promise to the Earth

to be a mindful steward so other children can walk with Beauty 

before them on this planet Earth.

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