IEATA Interviews: Appalachian State’s Expressive Arts Therapy Graduate Certificate Program

August, 2017

Educational Resources Committee Member Martha McCaughey interviewed Melia Snyder, Director of the Expressive Arts Therapy Graduate Certificate Program at Appalachian State University


Program website:

1. What is your Institute’s/Program’s vision?
The Appalachian Expressive Arts program educates and trains caring professionals to integrate all of the arts into their work and way of being in order to support human growth, development, and healing.

2. Is your programming open to the public as well as students?
We offer expressive arts workshops hosted by our honor society, Orchesis, which are open to the public.

3. What are your training programs levels and certification?
We offer a graduate certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy, which is
available to students currently enrolled in a related Appalachian State
Master’s program. We also offer a post-graduate certificate available to
those who have already received a related Master’s degree.

4. About how many students go through your programs?
Our enrollment varies, but we have approximately 20 students per year
who complete the certificate.

5. Are you open to new mentoring opportunities?
Yes! Our students and faculty value the larger web of expressive arts
that extends beyond the walls of our classrooms.

6. What kinds of space do you have; is it outdoors as well as indoors?

Due to our location in the Appalachian Mountains, we take full
advantage of the local landscape which informs our creative process.
Classes take place indoors in a studio type environment as well as

7. What would you say makes your program distinct? What are your
points of pride?
To our knowledge, we are the only Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate
program housed in a public university. Our emphasis on dreamwork,
ecotherapy, mindfulness, and ritual make our program unique.  We are
situated in the birthplace of four rivers flowing in the cardinal directions
and held by some of the most ancient and ecologically diverse
mountains in the world. This unique landscape inhabits our psyche and
influences and inspires our creative process.

8. What sorts of social media outreach do you engage in?
Facebook (Appalachian State Expressive Arts) and Instagram (AppStateExa).

9. Would you like to write a blog post for IEATA?
I would be interested in this.

10. Is IEATA’s website and/or blog posting the information you need?
We’d love to see more about the REAT/REACE process…specifically
support about the application and renewal processes.  That would be my
main suggestion for the IEATA Committee for Educational Resources.


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