Earth Day & the Expressive Arts

earthday800The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association EXPRESS Earth Day 2016

Be the world together!

Online event

April 22, 2016


So much has happened in the field of expressive arts since the first Earth Day 1970:

  • Encouraging artistic expression among the veterans with PTSD – Vets are finding relief in artistic enterprises.
  • Research in psychoneuroimmunology has demonstrated the interrelationship between the mind and body with evidence that the brain releases neurochemicals prompted by a person’s beliefs and attitudes that directly affects our immunune systems. This mind-body connection directs healing from within and evolves the field of expressive arts therapy.
  • More research has proved that visualizing health through art, music, and guided imagery techniques empower adults and children: an image held in the mind’s eye can and does literally affect every cell in the body.

I have especially focused on the role of art in nature and the outdoors with my clients who are anxious children. My personal experience has been supported by the emerging field of ecopsychology and studies of the effects of the natural environment on the brain and stress reduction.

Just as our planet is constantly undergoing change, so is our field of expressive arts constantly evolving. From this perspective, I greet Earth Day with more enthusiasm than ever!

The power of expressive arts therapy is as a catalyst for psychological, physical, and spiritual change, healing, and wellness.

Essential to—and at the core of—all healing is spirit. The reclaiming of our spirit is not dependent on the outside world. It is our essence, our true inner nature, that defines us. It is not bound by culture or language. It is universal and unique.

Dr. Roxanne Daleo –

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