2016 EXPRESS Earth Day

earthday800The IEATA Educational Resources Connection BLOG interactive platform is hosting the first online global event of EXPRESS Earth Day!  April 22nd noon – 1:00pm (EST)

Join us – be the world together at the same hour to creatively express a moment of global community without borders, not bound by language, to honor our planet Earth using the power of the expressive arts.

We do this together, through the expressive arts of world traditions, in a variety of artistic performance and art forms. We begin with a meditation, opening to the Presence of the Earth spirit and our human spirit as we pray to preserve, protect and promise Earth Mother that our children and our children’s children for seven generations will enjoy the beauty and bounty of the natural world.

Please join us with your ritual of EXPRESS Earth Day. Register your organization to participate in this premier event.

Registration is now – sign up using the comment box below!