IEATA Interviews: Expressive Arts Florida

I headed to Florida to interview Kathleen Horne, MA, LMHC, REACE, Director of Expressive Arts Florida.

The unique and beautiful people and space of Expressive Arts Florida definitely imbibe their mission: Life Skills for Personal, Professional and Social Change. The center is located in Sarasota—the beach, sun, and tropical weather are utilized as much as possible for classes and special events. A real treat if you are coming for training from parts of the world with cold weather!


Dr. Roxie: What is your vision for the Expressive Arts Institute Florida?

Kathleen: Well, we believe in the positive power of every person’s creativity, and we like to see ourselves as an asset to the community through our educational programs. We offer vital creative expression to diverse people of all ages…fostering well-being, community building, and global exchange.

Dr. Roxie: Are your training programs open to the public as well as students?

Kathleen: Yes, we are both a business open to the public and an Expressive Arts Institute, and there is some overlapping of programs. Our training program is a certificate program in Expressive Arts.

Dr. Roxie: What are your training programs; their levels and lengths of time?

Kathleeen: The Institute’s schedule for certificate training is October, January, April. We offer two levels: Level 1 consisting of three intensives and Level 2 consisting of three intensives and a six-week internship or supervised clinical practicum. Our certificate program students are drawn from all over the United States and Canada. Our students range in age from 20s to 70.

Dr. Roxie: About how many students go through your programs?

Kathleen: In our certificate programs, there are 50 students with 10-12 in each class. We have 15-18 graduates of Level 2 each year.

Dr. Roxie: Are you open to new mentoring opportunities?

Kathleen: Yes.

Dr. Roxie: What kinds of space do you have, and is it both indoors and outdoors?

Kathleen: We have  a beautiful courtyard space, but now an outdoor space since our institute is situated in a business area. However, we do use the beach for classes and special events.

Dr. Roxie: As a newly appointed co-chair, we are discussing the advantages of using social media technology for our educational resources section on the IEATA website. Would you be interested in social media outreach?

Kathleen: Yes, I feel it is a very good way to connect and gain visibility; learn about each other.

Dr. Roxie: Is there anything else in particular you would like to include for the blog?

Kathleen: In addition to our certificate programs, we offer local workshops and advanced specialty trainings. We have a Kindle book, Ten Steps to a Personal Expressive Arts.

Expressive Arts Florida is directed by Kathleen Horne, MA, LMHC, REACE. She is joined by her associates Victoria Domenichello-Anderson, MA, REACE, and Tamara Teeter Knapp, BA, Certified K-12 Art Teacher.

Expressive Arts Florida